Utilization of Substrate and Kinetics in the Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion of Domestic Wastewater


  • Arimieari, L. W.
  • Bemene, B.


Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Digestion, Domestic Wastewater Treatment, Kinetics, Substrate utilization


This study explores the dynamics of aerobic and anaerobic domestic wastewater treatment to
understand how substrate evolves. The findings demonstrate the efficiency of oxygen-dependent
mechanisms in decomposing organic matter by showing a progressive decrease in substrate levels
under aerobic conditions. On the other hand, a distinctive pattern appears in anaerobic settings,
emphasizing the effect of oxygen-free surroundings on substrate reduction. The results highlight
how aerobic treatment can accelerate the breakdown of pollutants in domestic wastewater.
Furthermore, the research highlights the effectiveness of anaerobic environments in stimulating
substrate reduction, providing perspectives for substitute techniques for wastewater processing.
The recommendations include enhancing aerobic treatment procedures, investigating integrated
treatment strategies, monitoring microbial communities, considering the environment, and
encouraging sustainable activities. This study contributes to the current efforts in wastewater
management by shedding light on the different benefits of aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The
results showed that the parameters tested include pH, nitrate, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), and
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), according to WHO standards. At the same time,
conductivity temperature has no specific standard. The results provide a framework for additional
treatment strategy optimization, resulting in more environmentally friendly and effective domestic
wastewater treatment options.