Review- Rain Water Harvesting – A Campus Study of CDGI


  • Kuldeep Vachney
  • Radhika Variya
  • Rahul Dodwe
  • Nandini Verma
  • Ajay Thakur
  • Urvashi Mahajan
  • Arpit Jaiswal


Catchment, Chameli Devi Group of Institution (CDGI), Nature conservation, Rain water harvesting, Water scarcity


"Our natural environment is a direct or indirect source of everything we need for life and
wellbeing. This is sustainability's fundamental concept. "To pursue sustainability is to create and
maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to
support present and future generations."
The most valuable natural resource on Earth has always been water. Living is impossible without
it. Thus, it is vital for Development, productivity, and health. Drought and water shortages are two
of the most concerning consequences of climate change, which has become a severe concern for
the world.
Water shortage is a significant issue for towns as well as villages worldwide. Water quality has
declined due to overexploitation of surface and groundwater resources brought on by
urbanization, industrial growth, and enhanced productivity in agriculture. Because of the
unpredictable rainfall, the traditional water sources wells, streams, lakes, etc. cannot supply
enough water to meet demand. Look into a new water supply while the rainwater gathering
equipment operates. Utilizing rainwater is this project's goal, bringing the preservation of the
environment closer to reality. In this study, the Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) system at the
Chameli Devi Group of Institution, Indore (CDGI) campus in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh
is examined as a potential alternative water source. The study's anticipated result is to design a
rainwater collecting system for the campus's catchment region from the central building's rooftop